Terra Ferma is an industry leading Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) that provides Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) of Rugged!™ power and communications products. We specialize in rapidly prototyping ODM & OEM solutions, advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions for rapid new product development and fast time to market.

In the ODM space, we provide fully functional, cost effective, and tested/certified products. With a fast time to market, we significantly contribute to our customers’ bottom line.

Our LiFi products are ideal in locations where WiFi RF connectivity is difficult or denied, and where data security is valued. LiFi uses InfraRed (IR) LEDs to communicate, much like multimode fiber optic cables. LiFi has zero RF footprint, thus it is nearly impossible to detect, intercept or jam. LiFi does not compete for RF spectrum, which is 10,000x the size of the entire WiFi frequency range. Communicating at the speed of light provides Gigabit connections with nanoseconds of delay supporting multiple 4k video streams simultaneously or transferring terabytes of data in seconds. Terra Ferma sets the standard for LiFi communications technology. Working with US Government Agencies and our NATO Allies, our products adhere to IEEE & ITU standards ensuring inter-compatibility today and in the future for secure communications. Our LiFi products are currently undergoing assessments for CSfC (Commercial Solutions for Classified).

Point to MultiPoint LiFi (PtMPT) is a broadband LiFi module developed to address point to multipoint wireless optical communication. Offering up to 1Gbps at a .25 to 250 meters distance, PtMPt LiFi allows a secure and reliable data exchange. With the ease of plug & play, this module will fit in various environments (Forward Operating Base, Remote RF Backhaul, Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive, Railway).

For PoE, Terra Ferma’s trademarked RUGGED!™ construction and finishing maintain product integrity in extremely harsh environments. We expect optimal performance to be achieved in the toughest manufacturing and tactical climates in the world. We created the RUGGED!™ technology to prevent outages in tactical hot zones across the globe. Whether in the high desert or intense manufacturing facilities, we’ve already thrived there. Additionally, our PoE equipment is sold at a lower price point than the competitions’ non-rugged technology.



Terra Ferma is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, a status awarded through the Small Business Administration and Veterans Administration.

Dennis Roark, Founder & President

Dennis Roark has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, beginning with seven years of service with the U.S. Army. He has a history as a strong leader, problem-solver, and project manager.

He has been responsible for multimillion dollar budgets, and has delivered consistent results: solving business issues while managing costs and risks, increasing revenue, and achieving profitability in entrepreneurial ventures.

Mike McMahon, Vice President - Operations

Mike is a highly experienced business and operations leader who has successfully led several high growth and turnaround scenarios in privately owned and Private Equity backed businesses in the technology and energy sectors.

Mike has leveraged his engineering and MBA background to help businesses install processes to support scalability and growth.   As CEO of EcoVapor Recovery Systems, Mike led the turnaround from significant operating loss to profitability and developed the “go to market” strategy for its patented technology while laying the foundation for the monetization of this PE backed company.   As COO of Cimarron Energy, Mike led the company’s sale to Private Equity, honed processes to improve safety, quality, and customer experience while expanding product offerings.     Mike lives in Denver and serves as President of his HOA, while enjoying outdoor activities with his family.

Reggie Ash, VP Business Development

Reggie is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, who served over 24 years as a cyber officer. He commanded Communications Squadrons at Travis AFB, California and Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. In his final assignment, he Commanded the 21st Mission Support Group at Peterson AFB.


Since retiring from the U.S. Air Force, Reggie has been a leader in the non-profit world. He created Colorado’s first military themed charter school, Colorado Military Academy. He also led the Colorado Springs defense business community at the Chamber & EDC, as the Chief Defense Development Officer. In that role, Reggie successfully led many of the community’s efforts to keep U.S. Space Command in Colorado. He serves as the Small Business Vice President for AFCEA’s Rocky Mountain Chapter. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Home Front Military Network and the Executive Committee of the Military Affairs Council.


Terra Ferma was founded in 2009 to develop and manufacture power products for remote & diverse applications. In 2018 we began development of PoE Injector cards. Our first version of the Rugged PoE Injector accepts power inputs of 100 to 260VAC and/or input of 10 to 36VDC. We increased output power to 60W @ 56VDC; however, no IEEE standards were ratified to that level. We also released a PoE Switch in limited quantities capable of the same 60W @ 56VDC per port. In 2019 Terra Ferma Engineers began development of the RUGGED!+™ PoE Power Supply and RUGGED!+™ PoE Switch. In 2021 Terra Ferma brought to the US Government market the most advanced LiFi technology available. Terra Ferma leverages its extensive knowledge of the U.S. government and military sectors to produce LiFi products specifically for those sectors.
made in the usa





FIPS 140-2
FIPS 197
Intrinsically safe network
CE Mark
RoHS Compliant
1275E Compliant

OSHA Certified
TAA Compliant
FCC Certified
UL 623368-1


What is PoE?

Power over Ethernet (POE) is a technology that enables network (ethernet) cables to carry electrical power. For example, a security camera or communications radio normally requires two connections be made when installed: A network connection, in order to communicate with video recording and display equipment and a electrical connection to power the camera or radio. In outdoor or difficult to reach environments this can be quite burdensome as expensive power runs would need to be made in order to provide a simple 48VDC for one device.

Does PoE affect the communications speeds of the end device?

No. The low voltages and current of the PoE does not affect communication speeds. The efficiency of powering the device with low voltage DC minimizes losses and heat generated by the device.

Do I need special cables to support PoE?

While Category 5e cables will work for cable runs of less than 300 Meters. It is recommended to use shielded Category 6 cables for optimal performance.

How much power is available through PoE? — What is IEEE Standard 802.3?

IEEE 802.3 PoE Standard specification output voltage of 44VDC to 57VDC. All Terra Ferma products are set to 56.0VDC to minimize current losses while safely supporting all equipment designed to meet IEEE 802.3 PoE Standards.

Power Available At Powered Device

Max Power Delivered By PoE (Injector) Power Supply

Voltage Range Poe (Injector) Power Supply

802.3af, Type 1 “PoE”

12.95 Watts

15.40 Watts

44.0–57.0 Volts DC

802.3at Type 2 “PoE+”

25.50 Watts

30.0 Watts

50.0–57.0 Volts DC

802.3bt Type 3 PoE++, Ultra PoE

51 Watts

60 Watts

50.0–57.0 Volts DC

802.3bt Type 4 “High Power PoE”

71 Watts

100 Watts

52.0–57.0 Volts DC

What if I plug in a non-PoE device into my PoE (Injector) Power Supply?

IEEE 802.3af/at/bt compliant PoE technology is safe. PoE injectors and switches will not damage any equipment, even if the equipment is not designed for PoE applications. Before the PoE (Injector) Power Supply sends any power to a connected Powered Device, the PoE Power Supply initiates a handshake procedure establishing how much power the connected device requires. This procedure uses low voltage and is harmless to any connected device, PoE or non-PoE. If the handshake is completed, the PoE injector or switch begins sending power triggering the Powered Device to start up. If the handshake is not completed for any reason, such as the end device is not an IEEE 802.3 compliant PoE enabled device, the PoE Power Supply never sends any power. It is this built-in feature of all IEEE 802.3af/at/bt compliant devices making PoE technology inherently safe.